Laerdal Project , Norway                                                              Nov 2017 - Present

"Laerdal Project" is a Making programme working with local artisans and residents . Michelle Lowe-Holder is one of the artist / designers invited to this small remote village famous for its beauty, summer markets and luxury salmon fishing . Working in mediums such as knit / embroidery and applique the idea is to create , modernise, and collaborate with the local community to help promote small businesses with existing crafts. A 3 part project over 12 months - including one research trip in various norwegian "Folk Museums" and 2 active on site workshops. All work will be exhibited in the "Kulterhuset Laerdal Gallery" and a catwalk show in Sept 2018.  


"Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion" Mentoring with CENTER FOR SUSTAINABILITY & LCF                                FEB 2018 - PRESENT                                                                 FEB - OCT. 2017/    FEB - NOV 2016  /   FEB - SEPT 2015                                                                                                        Michelle Lowe-Holder has been part of the mentoring team for the "Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion" and the "Centre for Sustainability" at LCF since the partnership started in 2015. Students develop and propose tailor made creative and innovative sustainable solutions for Kering companies and are selected for internship or 10,000 Euro Grant Award for Sustainable Innovation. 2015 included companies Stella McCartney & Alexander McQueen / 2016 Stella McCartney & Brioni  and 2017 Stella McCartney & Gucci. Alexander McQueen and Pomellato are the Kering brands working with CFS / LCF for the 2018 competition. 


UNIVERSITY OF VENICE COTTON FOR LIFE                        RECLAIM TO WEAR PROJECT , Italy                                   FEB  10-13, 2017   

Michelle Lowe-Holder was invited to present her work and hold a workshop at Venice University. Orsola de Castro and Filippo of Fashion Revolution organised a design student collaboration with Cotton for Life ,University of Venice and University of Egypt to create collections over the next year focusing on upcycling and sustainable awareness. 


Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Collaboration, Norway                       JAN 2015 - Present 

The collaboration between Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk and Michelle Lowe-Holder began in January 2015. The mini-collection of knit patterns began from research at the Salhus Museum, Bergen. Bursting with colour and patterns it adheres to the traditional Norwegian pattterns while creating a modern aesthetic. The original shoot celebrates the vintage revival and underground movement of pin-up styles of the 1950's - a flourishing global sub-culture that embodies old school glamour happening today. In doing so, it simultaneously recognises the traditional knitwear business of times gone by while recalling the glory days of "kitsch" knit pattern photography. In 2017 Hillesvag recoloured some select pieces for updating and reselling in a shades of grey story. 

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Gjerdet Museum Project , Norway                                             AUG - SEPT 2015

Multifaceted project involving research into the extensive textiles, crafts and historical journals left by the generations of the family who lived and worked in the now "Gjerdet Museum". Michelle Lowe-Holder designed a collection of products for the museum shop inspired by past pieces and present craft skills. Additionally workshops were held for local high school students to make MLH jewelry created with local norwegian ribbons .



BYBLOS SS15  Accessory Collection , UK/Italy                       JUN - AUG 2014

Michelle Lowe-Holder designed bespoke BYBLOS accessories in collaboration with Manuel Facchini. Fabrics and colours from BYBLOS collection were transferred into MLH silhouettes and shapes creating an exclusive collection for SS15.



"REPLENISH " video for Italian Vogue                               OCT 2013   /  Digital Published FEB 2014                                                                             

The commissioned video was shot for Italian Vogue for the "Vogue Fashion Dubai " event. The conceptual idea was to portray  MLH's studio work and “show sustainability rather than talk about it.” Using the familiar imagery of the ballerina inside a girl's jewellery box - and playing with the concepts of unravelling and regeneration - the video focuses on sustainable design as essential to the dialogue of beauty and the environment.

Video by Katy Davies / Model Elisa Wald-Lasowsky / Creative Direction Polly Penrose / Music by Billy Faithfull

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Fire-Up Grant / Project & Exhibition, UK                                SEPT 2013 - MAR 2014

Michelle Lowe-Holder was one of the designers awarded a "FIRE UP" grant by LCF to develop a 3D Print Design Project. In collaboration with Dr. Thomas Makryniotis, a researcher in 3D and virtual technologies at LCF’s Fashion Digital Studio and Professor Sandy Black. The idea was to develop a new bag concept through bio-mimicry and to create nylon printed nature-inspired bag frames mixed with textiles and hand finishing processes. The bags were exhibited at the Fire Up presentation and the 3D Print Show in London. 


"Made in Osteroy" Project , Norway                                            JUL 2013 - OCT 2013

“Made in Osteroy” was a collaboration between UK designer/makers and Norwegian artisans. Michelle Lowe-Holder was invited with jeweller Scott Wilson / stylist Thom Murphy and designers Azumi&David to produce pieces to exhibit and sell. MLH collaborated with a weaver, knitter, furniture maker, ribbon maker and upholsterer, to produce a small collection of furniture / jewelry / knitwear and  woven ribbon chair covers - All were exhibited  in the "Osteroy Museum" exhibition . As part of this project, MLH also conducted daily jewellery making workshops with local Norwegian high school students. These pieces were also displayed and for sale - all sold.  See the video


Nike Sustainability Collaboration , UK/USA                            JUN 2012 - JUL 2013

A year long project with LCF, CFS and NIKE – Working with Nike to develop an app that measures carbon footprint and environmental impact released in July 2013. Michelle Lowe-Holder / Christopher Raeburn / Matthew Miller & Alina Moat were invited to trial with the app in Portland and help form the development. Designers were also asked to mentor groups of students over a year to create sustainable designs with the app exhibited at the NIKE centre in Portland April 2013 /  NIKE concept shop in London July 2013.  

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M&S SWHOP LAB, UK                                                                 APR - MAY 2012

M&S "SHWOP" collaboration with LCF / CFS and Oxfam, consisted of several designers including  Michelle Lowe-Holder, Noel Stewart and Gary Harvey to design "upcycled" pieces for exhibition and hold workshops to help promote fashion recycling. The gallery space was covered with second hand clothes to demonstrate the amount of clothing thrown out in the UK each day. Joanna Lumley hosted its opening and the dialogue about clothing and fashion waste in the UK. Pieces made by each designer through recycling were exhibited in the gallery throughout the series of events.  


SCIENCE MUSEUM LONDON - Lotto Lab, UK                          OCT 2011

Lotto Lab and the Science Museum workshop was a collaborative project  hosted by the Lab of Misfits and Michelle Lowe-Holder. Using Beau Lotto's iconic colour dot theory ideas as a concept  - this was translated into "make-your-own" DOT scarf experience and open to the public. The idea was that a dot scarf could be purchased with participants selecting their own additional coloured dots to be applied - creating individual and unique scarf designs while waiting, and touching upon colour theory and perception of colour in context.


Exclusive Collection for i-D 'Sustain'                                        SEPT 2011

i-D magazine and CFS collaborated to create "iDSustain" a digital space featuring a designer each month over a year. The concept was dedicated to exploring the ‘modern artisan’ in the contemporary fashion industry, and how that role continues to evolve with the consistent development of the increasingly interconnected and commercial fashion market. The pieces were exclusively designed and created for the shoot by photographer Kerry Dean / creative director Alex McIntosh / Stylist Sam Willoughby   

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"The Believers" video                                                                 SEPT 2011

The Believers is a fast growing art-meets-fashion platform founded in 2010 by La Fortuna Studio to support and connect the initiatives of international rising designers, brands and other entities that are defining the future of fashion. “Smashing Future Fashion” was a project presenting sustainable hand crafted couture. Michelle Lowe-Holder created two dresses that were featured in an art/fashion video which premiered at New York Fashion Week, Somerset House Cinema, and London Fashion Week. 

See the video here:


Darkroom "Africa" Collaboration                                                 APR 2010

London boutique Darkroom invited Michelle Lowe-Holder to created unique one-off hand crafted pieces for the Africa exhibit in shop April 2010. The “Ribbon Reclaim” Autumn collection shown at London Fashion Week was re-interpreted in beautiful African print cottons mixed with colourful bright flocked hardware to set it off. Stylishly exhibited on signature black stands – all the pieces sold. 


Topshop x Michelle Lowe-Holder                                       MARCH 2006 - JAN 2007

In September 2006, one of Topshop brands buyers found herself “falling in love” with a Michelle Lowe-Holder hand painted range in a boutique in LA. A month later, MLH Studio was in meetings with Topshop to create a small jersey print line. Plans for a small t-shirt range were quickly abandoned for a full range of favourites from the previous main line collections over the course of 2006 with four capsule ranges.

The collection was sold in over 100 shops in the UK, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, and Kuwait.