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         Self Portrait by Polly Penrose  in MLH Collier  2012

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POLLY PENROSE - PHOTOGRAPHER                                 AW12 "TRIBES & UNIFORMS" 

Michelle first met Polly in 2000 when starting her own label collection. First internship for both, Polly's immense talent and creative personality soon became evident. However it was not until 2006 that they did their first photoshoot together which has continued to present day.

Thru experimenting and collaborating in 2010, Polly and Michelle decided to shoot fashion “Portraits” rather than fashion models going forward. With that Michelle  began actively seeking and casting faces of unusual beauty that added depth to each collection and gently question the idea of  "femaleness" and identity thru imagery.

It is through Polly’s intuitive photography, creative direction and ability to work with "non models" that such stunning images have been formed .

An accomplished artist in her own right and Polly has had several one person shows exhibiting her self-portrait work. She photographs her naked body literally and metaphorically reacting to spaces. Her work has been featured in publications such as Dazed, AnOther, Hunger, Huffington Post, British Journal of Photography, Guardian and Refinery 29.  




ELISA WALD-LASOWSKI - ACTRESS                                        AW13 "CIRCUS" / "REPLENISH" video for ITALIAN VOGUE

Elisa was one of Michelle Lowe-Holder’s first street casting experiences for a catwalk show back in 2004. Meeting in a London east-end market she went on to  model for the “Circus Collection 2013". However the most successful collaboration was for the “Replenish” project commissioned by Italian Vogue. Elisa's background in dance, her natural poise, elegance and graceful movement adds meaning, depth and poignant beauty to the short video screened in Dubai.

Elisa's multicultural upbringing of French and Dutch is an inherent aspect of her identity as an artist. She made her onscreen debut in 2007 in the film Eastern Promises and has  worked in a number of independent films and television shows including Somers Town, Hyena, Skins, Line of Duty, Keeping Rosy, Game of Thrones and Burnt. She has recently gained success as the lead role in the hit television show Versailles as Queen Marie-Thérèse.  






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ADELE MILDRED - MILLINER / ILLUSTRATOR                         AW15 "ROCK/PAPER/SCISSOR"                                           COLLABORATOR HILLESVAG PROJECT  

Looking for a face that resembled a painting and a mother with child to create a modern “Madonna and Child”, Michelle discovered Adele through the algorithms of  Instagram. A dream to photograph - her vintage style is reflected in her every movement and pose - she and her daughter "Otilia" were perfect models for AW15 collection.                                                  Adele and Michelle went on to collaborate on a knit project together with norwegian company "Hillesvag" where she has translated her iconic turban designs into hand knitted Norwegian wool patterns launched at the Oslo Design Fair Sept 2016 .

Originally from California, Adele Mildred has worked under esteemed milliner Stephen Jones with designers such as Marc Jacobs, Raf Simmons, Giles, John Galliano and Bill Gayten. From milliner to illustration, Ms Mildred’s  entrepreneurial spirit has led her to co-founding a millinery store and collective, "HOOD" . She has had both her turban designs worn by Dita Von Teese and recently illustrated "Your Beauty Mark". In all platforms, her artistic vision reveals a unique style that marries vintage glamour with the macabre.





INGMARI LAMY - SUPER MODEL                                             SS14 'FUSION"  / "FUSION" VIDEO  

Swedish model Ingmari Lamy rose to fame after being discovered in a Paris night club at age nineteen. Since, she has graced the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazar, worked with renown photographers such as David Bailey and Irving Penn She has walked for designers including Martin Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto, Jean Paul Gaultier, Saint Laurent, Galliano and was the muse of Kenzo. Ingmari  launched her comeback campaign for Lanvin x H&M in 2011. She is also a fashion blogger for Rodeo Magazine, writing about the human connection to nature, political organisations, art, travel and fashion.

Michelle met Ingmari whilst exhibiting in Paris. Perfectly representing an ideal of inspirational "femaleness" -She has a beauty in spirit and in flesh with an ability to emotionally connect beyond the camera, creating timeless and memorable portraits. 









Michelle Lowe-Holder first met Theresa while selling at the East London Design Fair. The AW 11 “Flock & Fold” collection was about “flocking” vintage pieces to revive and renew. The natural transition for the concept was to move from pieces to physical body - No easy feat to find a character with the confidence and imagination to allow herself to be totally naked and covered in luminous colour . Theresa was the perfect model for this, totally at ease with her body and - being an artist herself - she fully embraced the project. These beautiful photos are the only Look book shots that have been published as "Art Photography " in the "The Opera Classic and Contemporary Nudes Vol II Edition" Theresa is a German digital and creative artist educated in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins in London. She currently works alongside her husband, Antonio Cesare Ladorola as a designer working with Studio.we and Future London Academy.







JOSEPHINE BACON - PAINTER /  SINEAD FEENEY - MERCHANDISER / B - STUDENT                                               AW10 "TABOO"  

This shoot marks the beginning of Polly and Michelle"s fashion "portrait" work and the idea of looking at “model taboos". The idea of age  and body size was represented by the 3 diverse models.

Josephine Bacon is a British painter living in East London having studied art from the Falmouth School of Art and the Slade. Her work examines the notions of sex, pornography, female oppression and the concept of possession and has been showcased in galleries around London. Josephine, an avid swimmer first met Michelle at the lido in London Fields.

 A Northern Ireland native, Sinead Feeney came to London to study at London College of Fashion. Now married she is currently living and working in London. Michelle and Sinead met in Mile End.

B was 10 when photographed in 2010. She has just recently finished her Bacalaureat and been accepted to study History at Durham University.